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I sadly have four exams to manage with in july, i’m seriously going mad, I will stop a little with posting ‘cause I don’t have much time to go out and take pictures, I promise I will come back as soon as I can!
Sorry for this break and thank you for following and appreciating my work!

P.s.: At the end of july I’m going to Ireland for the first time, I will come back with a mountain of pictures, I can’t wait! I know I will fall in love with that country

Hope you all will have wonderful holidays! See you soon :)



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There’s no ideal type of beauty

Colours of the water (palette)


Almost ready

More yellow

Look up

Blood drops

Calling the bees


I freaking love chamomille

I decided to go to the river the other day.

I was wandering in the middle of nowhere between trees, high grass and a lot a lot of bees and insects.

It was hot as hell since it was noon and I decided to stop by under a tree.

I was far from the street and as I looked around I found a heap of chamomille and poppies and I felt like my long walk was worth the tiredness.

I found a place never touched by mens hands in which nature can grow as far as it wants. I think I will come back there to see how is it going.

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Nobody’s home